Pulp Friction Lawsuit Against John Travolta Is Dismissed By Mystery Masseur #1

The lawyer for one of the masseurs who recently sued John Travolta for sexual assault today moved to dismiss his client’s federal lawsuit, according to court records.

The “notice of dismissal” by the masseur--identified only as “John Doe 1” in court papers--was filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles by attorney Okorie Okorocha. The one-page notice offers no explanation for the dismissal of the $2 million complaint, which was filed just 11 days ago.

Days after Okorocha filed the May 4 lawsuit, the Pasadena attorney amended the complaint to add a second plaintiff--“John Doe 2”--who made similar claims that the 58-year-old actor groped him during a massage. Today’s dismissal notice does not affect the assault, sexual battery, civil rights, and emotional distress claims made by the second mystery masseur.

Travolta has denied the allegations leveled by the unnamed duo. The star also offered proof that he was not in Los Angeles on January 16, the date “John Doe 1” claimed he was manhandled in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Okorocha was subsequently forced to acknowledge that his client had botched the date of the purported hotel encounter.