Topless Female Van Masturbator Pleads Guilty To Minor Weapons Charge

The topless Illinois woman arrested on a gun charge after cops found her masturbating in a Chrysler van outside a Red Roof Inn has pleaded guilty to a weapons count, according to court records.

Vikki Myers, 44, copped a plea last month in DuPage County Circuit Court to a City of Naperville ordinance violation. Myers, pictured in the mug shot at right, was fined $165 and placed on “supervision” for several months. She is scheduled for a March 9 court appearance.

Myers, arrested in November for possession of a 9mm handgun without a state-issued Firearm Owners Identification card, admitted to masturbating in the vehicle, where cops discovered “adult items that were used for self-pleasuring.” Myers, who was not charged for the topless auto eroticism, was apparently staying at the hotel with her children, and had repaired to the van for her solo session.

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She must have done a good job of it cuz she still has a smile.
I heard she wouldn't stop "pleasuring herself" when the arresting officer ordered her to. When he threatened to Taze her, she threw a leg over his shoulder and, gesturing with her tool toward a special spot,insisted, "HERE!!! HERE!!!"
She ain't half-bad...I'd hit it....
men in this country don't have a clue when it comes to romance....
That thing you got a hold of is no minor weapon mam!
get a room.
Mmmmmm... self-pleasuring, nice.
Hey, she's not half bad. Why is she doing herself when I am available? Why are ANY women doing themselves for that matter? Women should not have to go without the REAL DEAL. Just another thing about women that makes ya go....Hmmmm? !
She's too sexy for her van.
She resembles Lily Tomlin-a very satisfied Lily Tomlin, mind you.