Felonious Michigan Triplets Are Either A) In Prison; B) Wanted; Or C) On Probation

Here’s an update on the Shivers triplets, the felonious Michigan brothers:

Devon, 22, remains locked up in state prison on weapons, home invasion, and attempted murder charges. His earliest release date is February 2042, when he will be 51.

Juronn, 22, is wanted by authorities for violating probation in connection with a robbery conviction. A bench warrant for Juronn’s arrest was issued two weeks ago by a Circuit Court judge.

Deshawn, 22, is almost a year into a five-year probation sentence imposed earlier this year (he was a codefendant with Juronn in the robbery case). The brothers were convicted of robbing a Saginaw man of money and a cell phone.

The Shivers triplets will celebrate, as it were, their joint 23rd birthday on January 10. The siblings are seen in the above mug shots (Devon is at left, Juronn is in the center, and Deshawn is at right).