FAA-Approved? Pilot Flies Within Two Feet Of Screaming, Squealing Camera Operator

The harrowing viral video of a biplane flying “within 2 feet of person” was shot last week on a Texas airport runway as an aeronautic stunt pilot flew sideways past a screaming camera operator.

As seen above, the 19-second clip--which was uploaded yesterday to YouTube--shows pilot Jason Newburg buzzing a member of Team Stunters, a Texas-based group that performs “streetbike stunt shows.” Newburg, 43, is an “extreme aerobatic pilot” who operates Viper Airshows.

The video, titled “200mph Plane fly-by within 2 feet of person,” was shot on the runway at Lancaster Airport, about 20 miles south of Dallas. In a Twitter post, a Team Stunters member reported that the footage was shot during a “practice session for upcoming shows.”

Based on the screaming and squealing coming from the person holding the camera, he/she did not expect such a close call with the modified Pitts S2S biplane being flown by Newburg (seen at right).

Mark Divita, manager of the Lancaster Airport, said that he had not seen the video, so he could not comment on the fly-by’s propriety (or whether Federal Aviation Administration officials would approve of the close call). Newburg, who holds a commercial pilot’s license, did not respond to e-mail or phone messages. Team Stunters representatives did not reply to e-mail messages.