Remembering Sen. Ted Stevens, A Felon For Five Months

Former Senator Ted Stevens, who died yesterday in a plane crash in Alaska, was a convicted felon for about five months. Until, of course, Attorney General Eric Holder moved to have the Republican pol’s corruption conviction dismissed because prosecutors failed to provide Stevens’s defense team with certain discovery materials.

Stevens, best known for securing funds for Alaskan boondoggles like the “Bridge to Nowhere,” is seen here in a mug shot snapped after his 2008 indictment.

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I'm just curious, when Sen Byrd died, did the headline read, "Remembering Senator Byrd, Longtime supporter and Grand Cyclops of the KKK"? Just curious?
Did former Senator Stevens know something and was about to sing? It seems planes have been used in the past. The murder of JFK was an exception to the extent that the so-called bullets came from above his car rather than from ground level. Yet the pictures show the public ran towards the Triple Over Pass. This was also the year that news print, photography and video were successfully merged into one package as part of a scheme to brainwash the unwary. There was one other piece of equipment in operation on that day in Dealey Plaza: the cell phone. Newsmen had these bulky items to report the news, yet none of the conversations taking place over these phones were ever revealed to the public. Why?
We in Alaska, whether we EVER voted for him or not, are stunned and saddened. Rumor here has it that it was his own party that spurred the Justice department to investigate and bring charges because Senator Stevens could not be counted on th vote along party lines. As far as a Bridge to Nowhere. . .that is a misnomer that came from some unknown place. . .There are many bridges in the country that started out as going that nebulous "nowhere". This bridge in Alaska was heading for the Ketchikan Airport which is now connected to town by a shoreboat that runs throughout the day. There are also areas the city in Southeastern Alaska can grow to. Hopefully one day there WILL be a bridge there. Perhaps it will be The Ted Stevens Memorial Bridge (to nowhere or otherwise). In any case, the mugshot is only a barely decent likeness! Looks pretty tired to me, who never voted for him but have known him since he served in our state legislature. Carry on boys!
Where is the remembrance for Dan Rostenkowski? He was convicted and SERVED JAIL TIME. Would love to see the democrat congressman's booking photo...
http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/celebrity/politics is where you'll find mugshots of both Democrat and Republicans, so quit your partisan whining. This site is controlled by Time Warner, Newsvine by NBC/Universal. Digg is private, and Newser was created by Michael Wolff, who wrote Rupert Murdochs authorized biography.
Good one, Indy. We'll see if this site is controlled by the same leftist fringe similar to Digg, Newser, and Newsvine.
I guess you will put Charlie Rangel on your website after he`s convicted right?