Baltimore Cops Make Second Arrest In Vicious Videotaped Beating Of Tourist, Hunt Two More Suspects

4/24 UPDATE: Third suspect nabbed by cops

Baltimore police today announced the arrest of a second assailant in the videotaped assault and robbery last month of a tourist who was set upon by a mob outside a downtown courthouse.

Shayona Davis, 20, was collared for her role in the attack on the 31-year-old victim, who was knocked to the ground and had his watch, money, iPhone, and car keys stolen.

Davis, pictured in the mug shot at right, was charged with two counts of assault as well as armed robbery (she has been accused of wielding a high-heeled shoe in the course of the attack).

Davis is locked up in lieu of $750,000 bail. For some reason, Davis was wearing only black panties and a peach-colored t-shirt during the 2 AM sidewalk assault.

On April 13, cops arrested Aaron Parsons, 20, on robbery and assault charges. Parsons can be seen punching the victim in the face on the brawl videos, which show the intoxicated man getting punched and kicked by several assailants. The bust of Parsons, who is locked up on $500,000 bail, came a day after investigators released surveillance photos showing three suspects being sought in connection with the attack on the tourist.

Cops are searching for two other suspects in the attack, Deangelo Carter, 18, and Shatia Baldwin, 21. Carter can be seen in one clip (see below) “teabagging” the victim, who was prone on the sidewalk, with most of his clothes having been torn off. Carter (left) and Baldwin are seen above in photos released by police.