Portland Cops Seek Public's Help In Nabbing Vile Supermarket Pervert

5/26 UPDATE: Police yesterday arrested Manuel Banuelos-Alcala, 47, in connection with the semen throwing spree. Banuelos-Alcala, a Beaverton resident, was charged with three counts of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor.

Detectives collared Banuelos-Alcala after spotting him sitting in a parked car outside a Safeway supermarket where a woman previously reported being victimized by an unknown pervert/assailant.

Prior to Banuelos-Alcala’s arrest Thursday, cops allege, he had been inside the Safeway, where he “likely committed another lewd act of throwing semen on an unsuspecting female customer.”

Banuelos-Alcala (seen above) was released on bail following a court appearance this morning.

Cops in Portland, Oregon are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man suspected of “throwing semen onto unsuspecting women” in area grocery stores.

According to detectives, the suspect will follow a female victim and “throw semen on them then walk away.” Portland cops are investigating two incidents in the city, while officers from surrounding areas are handling two similar cases.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic man with a medium build and a “short-to-medium height.” Cops said the man is in his “20s to 40s” and drives a white, four-door vehicle.

In a bid to ID the suspect, police today released the adjacent surveillance photo taken last month at a Safeway store (as well as a photo of the man's car).

Today’s alert from the Portland Police Bureau--which is headlined “See Man? Call Police...”--does not specify the source of the thrown semen.