Woman Charged With Urinating In Grocery Store Freezer, Ruining Tasty Baked Goods Worth $508

What kind of a person allegedly urinates in a convenience store freezer, ruining $508 worth of cookies, bagels, and other baked goods?

Meet Carrie Harkness.

The 23-year-old Pennsylvania woman was charged today with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident early Saturday at the Country Fair store near her home in Meadville, according to a court docket. A preliminary court hearing has been scheduled for January 12.

Harkness, pictured at right, reportedly became upset when workers asked her to leave the business. A store worker today described the befouled freezer as the walk-in variety.

In a Facebook posting last night, Harkness, a mother of two, wrote, “Omg have you ever liked someone so much and go out with them and make a fool of yourself????? wish I could take back friday night!!!!! But youngstown is on point wish my friend could forgive me!!!!!!”

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I know her type, getting all nasty drunk thinking she be hot when in fact she is making a fool of herself, very disgusting drunk couldn't hold it so drops her drawers in public, your momma must be proud.
Who is forcing you to join and post on this website, for real? One time somebody put a drug in my alcohol too, but, I shouldn't have been so drunk in the first place, so its still my own responsibiliy to not put myself in that position. The first step is to accept your own responsibility in a problem, not blaming this website and whoever put something in her drink. What does THAT solve?? Just blaming others for your problems. Well, actually you could. If you want to not learn anything at all from this experience.
Supergirl it looks like both you and your white trash friend are brought down by yellow kryptonite.
Yellow Krytonite that's hilarious. Her own I guess. - Todd Charske
Wow, I checked out some of her pics and pics of some of her friends...I don't have a dog in this fight, but she has been rode hard and put away wet...to bad; she is a beautiful young woman! And you can't go back...
If she was slipped a roofie, it will show up in her bloodstream. In which case, she is owed a huge apology. If not, she deserved all the ridicule she's been getting. If that's her contention (and not just yours), she should demand to be tested.
That last paragraph makes no sense. Where is the incident description or police report detailing the circumstances and Harkness' excuses? This article is really missing a lot...
Im a good friend of hers and all im going to say IS someone put a roofey in her drink and she had no idea what was going on I hate web sites like these they only know half the story and not the whole truth. Shes a great mother and a great person all around and trys her hardest. and you people are puttin that poor girl through something she never needed to. Never ever would she have done something like that drunk or just to be funny and by the way she could have died add that to your stupid story and stop stealin peoples pictures!!
Let your "good friend" know about "AA".... she needs it. If your drunk enough for someone to put something in your drink, oh well! Time for detox and get the kids out of the house!
As Frank Zappa said: "Watch out where the husky girls go and dont you eat that yellow bagel."