Crazed North Carolina Woman Faces Assortment Of Charges For Road Rage Incident Caught On Tape

A North Carolina driver is facing an assortment of criminal charges after a fellow motorist filmed her in a scary road rage incident.

Kristen Leigh Phillips, 40, is scheduled to be arraigned February 9 on misdemeanor charges stemming from a roadway confrontation last Saturday in Randolph County, where Phillips resides.

According to cops, Phillips recklessly passed another car on a two-lane road, nearly forcing the vehicle off the road. The driver of the second car, Sherri Hastings, dialed 911 to report the incident and began filming the vehicle now in front of her.

As seen in the video--beginning around the 3:00 mark--Phillips abruptly stopped in the road and rushed out of her SUV to confront the 62-year-old Hastings. When she arrived at the driver’s side of the trailing car, Phillips reached into the window and took a swing at Hastings, who quickly began closing the car window.

While the cursing, enraged Phillips pounded the window with her fists, Hastings’s terrified young granddaughter began crying. Before returning to her car, Phillips turned and yelled “Fuck you” as she held up both of her middle fingers.

According to District Court records, Phillips has been charged with assault and battery, communicating threats, and injury to personal property.