BMW Driver, 72, Cops To Intentionally Running Over Mother Duck And Ducklings Crossing Road

A South Carolina motorist has copped to intentionally running over a “female mallard duck and several ducklings” with his BMW coupe as the birds crossed a road last month.

Robert Allen Willard, 72, was cited for mistreatment of animals, a misdemeanor, following the June 2 incident near his Myrtle Beach condominium. Willard, who did not contest the charge, paid a $469 fine to settle the case, according to court records.

According to witnesses cited in a Myrtle Beach Police Department report, when the ducks began crossing the road, “all vehicular traffic stopped.” Except for the impatient Willard, who “intentionally sped up and hit the mother duck and several ducklings.”

The mother duck and several of her ducklings were killed by Willard’s vehicle. The “remaining orphan ducklings” were gathered up by an animal control firm.

The deceased ducks were buried by property maintenance workers from Myrtlewood Villas, a nearby vacation rental complex.