Teacher Used School’s Computer To Search For Braless Miley Cyrus Photo

A Michigan teacher caught with pornography on his school-issued laptop allegedly used the machine to search for a braless photo of Miley Cyrus, according to an FBI search warrant affidavit.

Paul Gust, 45, once the computer teacher at the Saugatuck Public Schools--as well as the district’s tech guy--was caught with explicit images on his machine when he opened a presentation he was preparing in November for the school board in front of another staff member and “a nude female’s pubic region with her legs spread apart” was projected on a screen.

After the district seized the MacBook and external hard drives, Gust attempted to negotiate with the district’s superintendent, first offering to purchase the computer, then asking for the hard drive to be wiped, and later requesting “the computer not be turned over to law enforcement.”

Instead, the district sent the computer to a private company for forensic analysis and determined the MacBook was used to search “for Miley Cyrus’s age and then for a picture of her braless.” At the time of the search the pop singer had not yet turned 18.

The company also recovered at least seventy images--eighteen of those were identified by an expert as being of underage children.

Gust, pictured above, has not been charged with any crime, but the FBI’s warrant and the agency’s desire to conduct their own forensic examination may portend trouble.