Holiday Shopper Arrested For Relieving Himself On Carpet At Radio Shack Store

Meet John Posey.

The 65-year-old holiday shopper was arrested Saturday afternoon for allegedly urinating on merchandise and the carpet at a Radio Shack in Arkansas.

Posey, who “smelled of intoxicants” and had his pants unzipped, initially denied urinating in the store when questioned by a cop, according to a Paragould Police Department report.

But after being arrested for public intoxication, Posey confessed, saying “I had to pee bad.” When Corporal Kenneth Hall asked Posey why he did not just ask to use the Radio Shack bathroom, he replied, “Stores usually won’t let you…so I didn’t ask.”

A Radio Shack worker told police that Posey caused about $800 in damages. Along with soiled carpet tiles ($116.84), the urine also landed on boxes containing televisions and audio equipment.

Posey, who was also charged with criminal mischief, was booked into the Greene County jail on the misdemeanor counts.