College Freshman, 18, Faces Felony Raps For His Dormitory Penis Designs

Apparently unconcerned that he could set fire to his entire dormitory, an Iowa college student twice used a lighter to burn “a derogatory design in the shape of a penis” into the residence’s ceiling tiles, police charge.

Cops allege that George Sotos, 18, “burnt/melted” his penis design into hallway ceilings inside the University of Iowa’s Slater Hall (where the freshman resides).

Sotos torched the ceilings on two separate days last month, according to criminal complaints accusing the young scholar of reckless use of fire and explosives.

An unnamed friend of Sotos told campus police that the Illinois native “admitted to burning a penis shape into the ceiling tile” in Slater Hall, a 500-student residence hall on the school’s Iowa City campus.

During questioning, Sotos (seen at right) reportedly “admitted to officers it would be possible he caused damage” inside the dorm.

Sotos, free on $2000 bond, is scheduled for an April 11 preliminary hearing.