Mid-Haircut, Connecticut Man Stabs Victim With Pair Of Scissors

A Connecticut man who was halfway through a haircut allegedly stabbed another man in the back with a pair of scissors, according to police.

David Davis, 20, was getting his hair done in a Stamford apartment this afternoon when the attack occurred. Davis, pictured in the above mug shot, was arrested for felony assault. He is currently jailed in lieu of $5000 bond.

The victim--who was not Davis’s barber--was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

[Note: The stylish "halfro" coiffure has previously been worn in these pages by a Kentucky man busted for marijuana trafficking.]

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If you squint he kind of looks like a black Gumby.
Very trendy! It'll probably be the next big thing in hair styles. After all, the hairdo is on a big, black and bad felon and you know how those 'cool' cats are emulated these days. But, can you imagine the ribbing he took in jail? What did the cheapskate think he was going to get when he went to an apartment for a haircut? Should'a gone to a real hair cutting place.
That's called a halfro. :-D
You, my friend, win for the funniest comment. Good work.
Thanks! I see that TSG agreed and used it in their email newsletter. :-)
I think his hair works quite well with the neck tattoos. Appears to me a potential winner on America's Next Super Model.
seeeitt, don' diss da dude, man. he be's mad, he pop a cap in yo a$$