Don't Try And Mail Your Glock Inside A Hollowed-Out Real Estate Book

A package mailed to an Indiana man broke open in transit, revealing that a Glock 9mm handgun had been hidden inside a carved-out book, a discovery that has triggered a criminal probe by postal inspectors.

As seen in the above evidence photo (click to enlarge), the unloaded weapon and an empty 10-round magazine were hidden inside a modified copy of “How to Play the New Real Estate Syndication Game.” The semi-automatic Glock 26 was concealed in a cutout behind page 61 of the 1989 book.

It is illegal to mail a firearm that is small enough to be concealed on a person, according to postal regulations.

A package containing the book broke open late last year while it was being processed at a “bulk mail center” in Michigan. It was addressed to Thomas Lloyd, a 63-year-old Elkhart, Indiana man whom, records show, purchased the Glock in 1999 and has a concealed carry permit issued by the Indiana State Police.

The weapon, according to a December court filing, was mailed from El Cajon, California (where Lloyd has previously resided) and carried a return address with the name “T. Lloyd.” It is unclear why Lloyd, who did not return TSG messages, apparently mailed the gun to himself. Postal Inspector Mark Shaw told TSG that results of his probe will be forwarded to federal prosecutors.

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Not true, you'd be surprised to see how flimsly people mail thing in and expect them to arrive perfect. If a postal dude got caught selling anything from the mail they woudn't be a postal dude any more, in fact they'd be a prison dude! More than likely, the shipper didn't wrap it good, as firearms are heavy, shiffted in the package broke a corner. The USPS bulk mail facuilites are like factories, the "postal" dudes hardly handle any of the pacakges, most are done on machines APPS or SPBS. If you haven't figured Im a postal dude, proud to serve you and would never do anything to harm you mail at any time-we do take it serious.
The package broke open....Bulls**t! More like, they either x-rayed it or someone was just curious and found it. I wouldn't trust those USPS bastards a foot from me. Too many times expensive items have never shown up to the intended address. I'm surprised one of the postal dudes didn't sell it on the street for some bucks. Yeah, the package BROKE open... I'll bet the feds will keep the gun too!