Man Behind Bars After Alleged Late-Night Rice Assault

Rice should only be thrown at newlyweds, not strangers with whom you have beef.

A South Carolina man is behind bars after his arrest last night for striking a woman with thrown cooked rice on a Myrtle Beach street.

Police say Jaimes Encarnacion, 31, was collared Monday evening following the late-night incident. Seen at right, Encarnacion has been charged with misdemeanor assault & battery.

According to a police report, Encarnacion threw rice into the vehicle of a 43-year-old male witness. While it is unclear who was the intended target, the rice struck a 39-year-old South Carolina woman sitting on the passenger side.

Cops noted that Encarnacion was holding a takeout container of rice when they arrived on scene. Additionally, “rice was also observed inside the vehicle near where the victim and witness were sitting.”

The incident occurred on a retail strip adjacent to an ocean beach as well as a Mexican eatery and a restaurant selling sushi.

Police cited no injuries suffered in the rice attack.