Mom Who Coached Daughter During Fistfight Cops Plea, Sentenced To One-Day Parenting Class

The Florida woman caught on videotape urging her daughter on during a fight with a high school classmate will have to complete a one-day parenting class as part of a deal struck with prosecutors, records show.

April Newcomb, 39, entered a no contest plea yesterday to a misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge. She was adjudged guilty by Circuit Court Judge George K. Brown Jr., who sentenced Newcomb to 75 hours of community service and ordered her to complete the parenting class, according to a court appearance record.

Newcomb, pictured at right, will also have to pay court costs.

As seen in the video, Newcomb acted as her 16-year-old daughter’s cornerman during a fight last September against a fellow Palmetto High School student. Newcomb can be heard yelling encouragements like “punch her in the fucking body” and “kick her ass” to her child.

During an investigation of the incident, detectives obtained two other videos shot by teens who attended the brawl (which saw Newcomb’s daughter get dominated by her larger opponent).

With the closure of the case against Newcomb, the $15,000 bond she previously secured from Big Johnson Bail Bonds was formally cancelled, court records show.

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At home drinking beer?
In the olden days, there would have been the wrestling coach or a boxing coach, and there would be the high school ring or wrestling mat with rules, boxing gloves (16 oz), and when the fight was over, they would have to shake hands and make up. Before guns and knives and drive-bys, this was the way disputes were handled, supervised, and settled with combatants shaking hands, and walking away friends, and no physical harm of any significance. What is sad here is that there was no one in the crowd, student of adult who had the guts to just step in and break it up. When one girl was obviously the better fighter, and greatly outweighed the other, with no supervision or protective gloves, or rules, it needed to be broken up and both girls and their parents talked to with the end result to resolve their issues. I remember a tussle in a sunday school class I was teaching, and I took the class and the two boys outside the building in a fenced off area, and as the ref, told the boys to go ahead and box. They circled and circled, swung a few missed punches, stopped, laughed, shook hands and were buddies ever after.
Boys will be boys. Women should act like women.
Who says that "women should act like women"? If men and women should behave differently, you are promoting a double standard. And that is clearly wrong. Women can choose to act however they want to act.
your right, now in todays times, law suits and charges for every little thing. back in the day you could have a fight and go home and it was over. now you go to jail, or get law suits against you. its sad, i am sure that mom did not want her child to loose. no parent want to see ther kids get bullied or lose. think about how animals protect the young. only thing is today you cant arrest an animal, just humans great way to make money to go into the system. lawyers, and the state.. the truth.
This "poor" excuse for a mother should of went to jail....!!! That way she would get first hand the feelings of getting beat up.......and......let Big Bertha give her the "Plunger Handle Treatment" she's probably like that too.....!!!
AMEN to that!!!!!!!!. Big Bertha will show her how it's done. LOL
Yeah, they fight like high school girls (not COMPLETELY intended to be an insult), but still.... gotta be a real embarassment to see your kid get their ass handed to them wholesale.
OKAY, one woman gets arrested, held accountable. i saw in the u-tube several others watching why werent they held accountable. why didnt some else stop the fight? beside who would want to see there kid lose a fight or get hurt. what if the mom had stepped in and and some one got hurt and they charged the mom for touching a minoir for pulling them apart biger charge and law suits....,, no matter what she had done she would have been arrested for just being there. thats the truth,
Fair punishment.