Mom Who Coached Daughter During Fistfight Cops Plea, Sentenced To One-Day Parenting Class

The Florida woman caught on videotape urging her daughter on during a fight with a high school classmate will have to complete a one-day parenting class as part of a deal struck with prosecutors, records show.

April Newcomb, 39, entered a no contest plea yesterday to a misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor charge. She was adjudged guilty by Circuit Court Judge George K. Brown Jr., who sentenced Newcomb to 75 hours of community service and ordered her to complete the parenting class, according to a court appearance record.

Newcomb, pictured at right, will also have to pay court costs.

As seen in the video, Newcomb acted as her 16-year-old daughter’s cornerman during a fight last September against a fellow Palmetto High School student. Newcomb can be heard yelling encouragements like “punch her in the fucking body” and “kick her ass” to her child.

During an investigation of the incident, detectives obtained two other videos shot by teens who attended the brawl (which saw Newcomb’s daughter get dominated by her larger opponent).

With the closure of the case against Newcomb, the $15,000 bond she previously secured from Big Johnson Bail Bonds was formally cancelled, court records show.

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Sugar-Britches Butter-Cup.
Come on, everyone knows that the girls would have fought anyway. So, isn't it better if both moms are around in case fight gets really out of hand? It would have been a big deal if one girl assaulted the other. But it wasn't like that at all. The charges were reduced to misdemeanor because this document shows both girls agreed to fight: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/girl-fight-mom?page=3 I really don't get it what's the problem with a one on one fight? Is everyone such a hypocrite that they deny fights happen all the time in middle school and high school? It's neither good nor bad--just a fact of life and growing up. No big deal.
I have often wondered what would happen if a person decides that their children shouldn't be bullied and try to teach them the right way to defend themselves. I see it is a possible jail sentence and community service and being called a bad parent. I know that when my children ask me to help them defend themselves, I will teach them everything I know to help them. I don't agree with a parent (regardless of gender) being told that even though the fight is unavoidable, they are not allowed to "coach" them in what to do to make sure that they don't get beaten up.
...and so goes yet another round of "American Justice", uploaded to the web, for the world to see... be proud in knowing that the American social fabric continues to grow ever-thinner... grow up, people...
what a joke ! i am sure she feels like she was punished for what she did...NOT
A public flogging is in order
LOL! We know what you're fonda floggin'.
Freddy better that then be like you and have 12 year old boys do it for me.
I see, sugar-britches, you have become desperate. I noticed immediately when I first saw your comments that you were simply repeating the standard, trite, debate points of the Huffpoo Warrior. Southerners, trailer parks, poor white people. Your responses are all predictable and cookie cutter. You wore out the incest, southerner and inbreeding stuff, so you are on to pedophelia now. A quick review of your screeds reveals a poorly educated, lonely young liberal addicted to making nasty comments about regular folks. You ought to stick to surfing porn and wacking off.
Yes Freddy and most of your comments are about wacking off.And how can I wear out the truth we know it hurts but you have to move on get over it