Once Shorn, Half-Bearded Arrestee Returns To His Roots

Meet Salvatore Dichiera.

The 28-year-old Pennsylvania native was arrested earlier this month for disorderly intoxication by Florida cops (he spent slightly more than a day in custody before being released from the Pinellas County jail).

Dichiera first appeared in these pages last October following a misdemeanor collar. He has been busted four times since that arrest, but in three of the corresponding booking photos he is relatively clean shaven.

However, his most recent mug shot, seen here, reveals that Dichiera--whose MySpace page lists his occupation as “traveler”--has returned to his distinctive half-bearded state.

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Ha... I don't know why Sal's photo is so popular. He's quite a character... I kinda cut my losses about him swiping three of my packs of cigarettes off the bar at the Pool Hall (when it was still open on Central in St. Pete), and surrendering pitchers of beer to him after he'd walk up and drink out of them (I didn't quite know how to psychologically deal with that kind of dickery). Last Christmas (at Fubar in St. Pete, FL), he was allowed in despite previous trouble making there, in the spirit of Christmas... He got a big beer in a big glass (which he refilled from other's pitchers when they weren't looking) and muttered to himself for about an hour. It didn't take him long until for some unknown reason, he chucked the glass across the bar, and the thick bottom of it smashed against an unexpected patron's head (right near her temple, I still wish she would've went to the hospital and got a scan). I watched when he did it, but I think the whole bar was kinda frozen for a moment in horror. Sal just walked briskly to the door, and once outside, ran down Central to 9th street while folks followed him to keep the police updated.
Just half good