Attention Moms: Don't Get Caught Cheering On Your Kid In A YouTube Video Fight

A Florida mother who stood on the sidelines cheering on her daughter during a planned high school fight between the teen and another girl was arrested today for child abuse.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office affidavit, April Newcomb, 39, can be seen on multiple YouTube videos “encouraging” her daughter “to physically fight” with the other girl. The videos, one of which can be viewed below, were filmed by attendees of the fight, which occurred in a vacant field near Palmetto High School.

As seen in this still, it appears most teens present came prepared to record the fisticuffs. 

When questioned by a cop, Newcomb, pictured in the mug shot at right, claimed that she only attended the bout between the two 16-year-old combatants in order “to make sure nothing got out of hand.” She also wanted to look out for her daughter’s health since the teen had “sustained a skull fracture from a previous incident approximately two years ago.”

"Of course we were both wrong and I understand that," Newcomb said, adding, "I understand where ya’ll are coming from.”  

As her daughter is being throttled by a larger girl, Newcomb can be heard at one point yelling to her child, “Don’t fucking stop.” Later in the video, apparently serving as her offspring’s corner man, Newcomb advises, “Punch her in the fucking body.”

Newcomb can also be seen at the clip’s outset, arriving with her daughter’s entourage as the teen's opponent bounced about in preparation for the fight.

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This child needs to be placed into an appropriate foster environment, while the mother needs some psychiatric help.
There was a dark hair adult shown there too .. WTF .. is wrong with the youth in America -- THEY ARE ACTING LIKE *** in the SLUMS !
They are raised by these same parents, who also went to crappy public schools with crappy teachers. This is what has happened since the 1960's when LBJ created the welfare entitlement state.
I dont know what fight you were watching but at the end that little one gets in a good knee to the head and a couple of real good punches plus she defended well on the ground. I'd give her the decision
It's like West Side Story. Only with redneck trailer trash.
ugh...kids hang out after school in a FIELD to watch two young girls fight?? I have heard of this video recording of a school fight once before, but never knew that it was an event for all. What makes it a whole lot worse is the videoing of the entire thing by MANY kids. WTH...i know where my 15 year old is after school. As a mother, that excuse for a mother...who obv is trying to be her daughter's friend, instead of guidance, needs to be charged with child abuse.
news flash: the authorities had to drop those abuse charges. Clearly there was no child abuse. Doesn't police there have better things to do than spend taxpayers' money on nonissues??? Where is the tea party when we really need them? Such as cracking down on frivolous police investigations.
I am thinking that this quite hilarious that this 'Scrambler941' *** that videoed this is bragging about he may somehow be on 'Good Morning America' for this. LOL! Buddy this is not a video you should brag about. I respect a fair fight and think it's a good way to solve a problem, but that amatuer piece of shiat work you done SUCKS! Get a life and an education moron.
We have stupid teachers. That's not euphemistic. The teachers are stupid. BLAME THE UNIONS!
dont get mad, get glad you piece of shiat :)