Cops: Woman Left Plastic Easter Eggs Stuffed With Porn Images In Mailboxes

A Florida Woman placed plastic Easter eggs stuffed with pornographic images and other items in the mailboxes of scores of homeowners, according to cops who say they collared the “deranged offender” last night.

Investigators allege that Abril Cestoni, 42, delivered the X-rated material over the past several days, resulting in her arrest on 11 counts of distributing obscene items.

Cestoni, who said she works at a Publix supermarket, is being held in the Flagler County jail in lieu of $13,000 bond.

A charging affidavit alleges that Cestoni, seen above, stuffed mailboxes with Easter eggs and a pamphlet containing “incoherent rants about local religious clergy” and “multiple pornographic images.”

One orange Easter egg, cops say, contained “1 goldfish cracker, 1 strawberry drink mix, 1 piece of toilet paper, and 2 pornographic images.”

After a homeowner last night called 911 to report a suspicious person placing something in her mailbox, cops pulled over Cestoni’s car. Upon being read her rights, Cestoni reportedly admitted to distributing the plastic eggs and the pamphlets. Acknowledging she had distributed obscene material, Cestoni claimed she included the images “because homosexuals are allowed to teach in the church.”

Pictured above, Cestoni said she did not have “symptoms related to COVID-19” and was “not attempting to spread the virus by delivering her pamphlets.”

In addition to the obscene material counts, Cestoni was also charged with driving with a suspended license and violating a state order barring travel not related to essential activities.