Patrolman Dutifully Records How Drunk Driving Suspect Farted On Him

Thanks to Officer Philip Mainiero, another of the daily indignities directed at police has been memorialized in a criminal complaint.

Mainiero, a patrolman with the Berwick Police Department in Pennsylvania, last month arrested John Flores Rivera, 52, for drunk driving.

As Mainiero sought to get Flores Rivera to perform field sobriety tests, the motorist was “staring off into the sky not paying attention.” And that is when the suspect provided the cop with a lasting memory of their 2 AM encounter in the 200 block of Chestnut Street.

“Flores Rivera then farted and stated, ‘That’s for you,’” Mainiero reported. After "smelling the air," Flores Rivera added, “That’s what pork and mashed potatoes will do.”

Flores Rivera, whose blood alcohol content was measured at .13, was not cited in connection with the airborne assault on Mainiero. He was, however, charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly ignoring the cop’s demands to place his hands behind his back.

Flores Rivera is scheduled for a February 10 District Court hearing.