Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For World's Biggest Tom Brady Fan

A Florida judge today issued an arrest warrant for the world’s biggest Tom Brady fan.

Victor Thompson--who has a replica of Brady’s New England Patriots helmet tattooed across his skull--failed to appear today for a court hearing in connection with his arrest for felony narcotics possession. As a result, an arrest warrant was signed by a Circuit Court judge.

The 46-year-old Thompson also was a no-show at a January 8 court hearing, according to records.

Thompson, a New Hampshire native who relocated in 2014 to Florida, was arrested last September by St. Petersburg cops for trespassing and possession of the synthetic marijuana Spice, according to a police report. He was released on $1500 bond after jailers took a series of mug shots memorializing his tattoos.

Those photos, seen above, show that Thompson had his head inked to make it seem like he was wearing a blue Patriots helmet, complete with team logos, Brady’s number (12), and the word “Patriots.” Additionally, Thompson’s head includes other touches like an American flag, the NFL logo, and the brand name “Riddell,” which manufactures Brady’s actual helmet.

The back of Thompson’s head even contains a small green dot, which, on NFL helmets, indicates that the equipment is outfitted with an electronic device allowing its wearer to receive plays from the sideline. The dot is atop a tattoo of the Super Bowl trophy (which does not appear on Brady’s helmet).

Thompson was also arrested this month for Spice possession and carrying an open container of alcohol, both of which are listed as municipal ordinance violations in court records. On January 7, he pleaded no contest to the charges and was ordered to pay a $118 fine. The following day, he failed to appear in court on his earlier narcotics case.