New York Firefighters Tried To Knock Drone From Sky With Fire Hose Blasts, Video Shows

Firefighters battling a blaze at a New York State residence turned their hoses on a drone that was hovering above the building in an apparent attempt to down the $2200 quadrocopter being operated by a local hobbyist.

John Thompson was flying his drone yesterday above the structural fire in Montgomery, an Orange County town about 65 miles north of New York City.

As seen in the above video, Thompson’s drone was hovering about 80 feet over the home when it was targeted by firefighters. Around the video’s 12:00 mark, a fireman on the home’s deck aims a hose at the drone and soaks it with blasts of water. About 30 seconds later, a second fireman--working from the ground--tries to douse the drone.

Thompson, who was stationed across the street, then quickly landed the drone.

In a Facebook post, Thompson (seen at left) noted that, “My second take off the camera did not record so it look's like they destroyed a $2,200.00 drone.” He accused the firemen of misconduct for trying to “blow my drone out of the sky with the fire hose for filming the fire.”