Male Victim Says Woman Crushed Two Beers, Proceeded To "Stone Cold Steve Austin My Ass"

A woman arrested for domestic violence attacked a man in the style of wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, according to an account provided to cops by the victim, records show.

Chastity Bodnar, 23, got into a physical altercation with Coty Lee Havens, 26, Saturday afternoon at a residence in Fort Pierce, Florida, an arrest affidavit notes. Havens said that Bodnar, pictured above, “got upset when he told her that she drinks too much,” police reported.

Havens said that an “enraged” Bodnar first “threw her phone at him striking him in the throat.” He then walked out of the house and into the attached garage, with Bodnar following, police say.

Inside the garage, Bodnar “took two beer cans” and proceeded to "Stone Cold Steve Austin my ass," Havens said, adding that Bodnar “went crazy on him.” Havens told police that he was forced to pin Bodnar to the ground until officers arrived at the home.

“I observed two beer cans in the garage that appeared to be crushed in the general vicinity of where incident occurred,” a sheriff’s deputy reported. The court filing does not reveal whether Bodnar attempted Austin’s famous finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner.

One of Austin’s other trademarks was the shotgunning of two cans of beer, which the wrestler tossed aside after they were simultaneously drained.

Bodnar was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and booked into the county jail early Saturday night. She was released from custody Sunday afternoon. Havens (seen below) was also arrested after he allegedly fought with the cops who arrived to investigate the domestic disturbance call.