Cops: Man Threatened To Shoot Up Supermarket Because Too Few Shoppers Were Wearing Masks, Gloves

Incensed that his fellow Floridians were not wearing masks and gloves to the pharmacy and supermarket, a 62-year-old man yesterday warned on Facebook that if he were to test positive for the coronavirus, “I will head right to Publix and empty every Clip I own!”

Police say that Robert Kovner’s 4:23 PM post declared that, “I FIND it criminal that you enter the supermarket or pharmacy without a mask as if you are either to stupid to understand the danger your spreading or so selfish that you don’t give a f%8k that your endangering others?”

The post was eventually deleted, but not before it came to the attention of police, who questioned Kovner (seen at right) at his home in Sebring, a central Florida city. Kovner provided cops with a recorded statement, but the substance of what he said was deleted from an arrest report released by the Highland County Sheriff’s Office.

Citing the “significance of the threatening post made on Facebook,” Kovner was arrested for threatening to conduct a mass shooting, a felony. He was booked into the county jail in lieu of $30,000 bond. Kovner appears to have secured his release from custody late this afternoon.