When Stealing A Pregnancy Test, You Might As Well Be Proactive And Also Swipe Some Condoms

In a case tinged with prevention and regret, a South Carolina woman was arrested yesterday for stealing condoms and a pregnancy test from a store where she recently worked.

According to police, Hannah Trent, 18, took the items Wednesday from an Ingles supermarket. An employee told police that surveillance cameras recorded Trent shoplifting “two packs of Trojan condoms and a pregnancy test.”

Packaging for the items--valued at $31.21--was later found in the women’s restroom.

When Trent returned to the store yesterday afternoon to collect her final paycheck, she reportedly copped to the theft when questioned by a store manager.

Trent, seen above, was arrested for theft and booked into the Spartanburg County jail, from which she was released around midnight.