Drug Charge Against "Cheer" Star Is Dropped, Clears Way For Her Return To The Mat

At the conclusion of “Cheer,” the docuseries about a Texas junior college’s cheerleading squad, viewers learned that one of the Netflix show’s stars, Lexis Brumback, 20, caught a drug charge and was booted from the squad.

Brumback, who is known as Lexi, was arrested on April 25, three weeks after the Navarro College team won its 14th national championship. Seen in the above mug shot, Brumback was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana (less than two ounces).

In the “Cheer” epilogue, a friend of Brumback’s said she had been traveling with friends when their car was pulled over by cops in Corsicana, a city about 60 miles south of Dallas (and home to Navarro College). Brumback’s friend said the cheerleader claimed ownership of pot found in the vehicle.

Brumback, who was freed on $500 bond, was subsequently named in a misdemeanor complaint charging her with possessing “a usabale quantity of marihuana in the amount of two ounces or less, against the peace and dignity of the State.”

The criminal case against Brumback remained on the County Court docket until early last month, when prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the matter in the “interest of justice.”

The case’s dismissal appears to have cleared the path for Brumback’s return to Navarro (which she announced in a January 14 Instagram post). While a second season of “Cheer” would surely include an arc on Brumback’s bust, it is unclear whether Netflix is planning to follow Navarro’s 2020 march to the mat in Daytona, Florida.