Chalk-Wielding "Occupy" Protester Freed From Jail After Prosecutors Drop Charges

After spending three weeks in jail following his arrest for writing a protest message in chalk on a Florida sidewalk, an Occupy Wall Street member was just freed after prosecutors declined to pursue criminal charges.

Timothy Osmar was released from an Orlando lockup shortly after 2 PM, according to a jail spokesman. Osmar, pictured in the mug shot at right, was freed after Orange County prosecutors filed a County Court notice that they would not pursue charges against the 25-year-old homeless man.

Osmar was busted on December 22 after he was spotted (via a police surveillance camera) “writing on the City sidewalk with what appeared to be a dark piece of chalk,” in violation of a city ordinance. Osmar, according to an arrest affidavit, had written, “All I want for Christmas is a revolution. OCCUPY.”

He had been arrested a week earlier for a similar chalk-based  offense.

Police reported that Osmar was “very vocal” and “attempted to pull away after being handcuffed.” He also reportedly called officers “pigs” and “fascists.”