Noisy Sex Triggers Brawl Between Brothers Who Still Live With Their Mom

Meet the Crawford brothers.

Shane, 33, and Christian, 31, live together at their 63-year-old mother’s residence in Bradenton, Florida. The Crawford household, it seems, is a tense one.

Witness the events of last night, when Shane was in his room having sex with his girlfriend. This encounter, according to a sheriff’s report, resulted in an argument between the Crawfords because Christian believed his older brother and the woman were “making an excessive amount of noise.”

The pair’s verbal disagreement quickly turned physical, with Christian “forcefully” throwing an ashtray at his brother’s head. The on-target toss caused a one-inch laceration on Shane’s right cheek. Shane allegedly retaliated by punching his brother five times in the head.

The Crawfords were each arrested for domestic battery and booked into the Manatee County jail. The siblings (Shane is on the left) are pictured in the above mug shots.

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Stupid is what stupid does. And now folks we have some winners (including Mom and the redneck girlfriend).
I wonder what noises those two guys made while having forced sex in jail.....SQUEEEEEAL!
They both look like they could use a high colonic! Well, this takes care of their 15 minutes of fame huh? :-)
aw c'mon , boys will be boys .......no big deal !
Damn you’re telling me I should have never have moved out of my parents home? I could have just brought girls home to my room? I didn’t have to get a job and buy this house—man am I stupid. Maybe big brother should have let little bro get some.
How does one manage to bring a girl HOME when one lives with mom at the age of 31?
That’s the first thing that entered my mind too.
Where is Jerry Springer when we need him.
At least they weren't having sex with their mom.....at the same time! LOL
What were they having sex with? They sure couldn't get a female type person to have sex with either one of them.