Typo Negative: Another Poor Victim Gets Tripped Up By A Herniated Disk

There is something about herniated disks that leads to unfortunate typos.

Witness what happened today to the Charlotte Observer when it tried reporting on a back injury that has sidelined New York Knicks guard Baron Davis.

The newspaper’s gaffe mirrors an embarrassing mistake once made by a Miami attorney seeking a trial delay due to his recuperation from back surgery. In support of his County Court motion, lawyer Martin Sandler submitted a doctor’s letter reporting that he “suffers from Disk Herniation L4/L5.”

But in his own continuance motion, Sandler--who reported suffering “continuing pain”--sought to refer to his recent disk surgery. However, as seen here, it didn’t come out quite as planned.

Sandler, though, did succeed in obtaining a delay in the start of that civil trial.