Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Explained He Had No Problem Banging Doughy Gals

Arnold Schwarzenegger, romancer of housekeepers, has never been deterred by a potential conquest’s physical attributes. At least that’s what he told an interviewer years ago while promoting the bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron.”

As TSG first noted during Schwarzenegger’s initial gubernatorial campaign, he spoke freely to Oui magazine in 1977 about orgies, drugs, penis size, and the “fag business.”

He also explained that he did not feel "exploited" by women who pursued him because of his rippling muscles, saying that, “I'd feel used only if I didn't get something out of it. If a girl comes on strong and says, 'I really dig your body and I want to fuck the shit out of you,' I just decide whether or not I like her. If I do take her home, I try to make sure I get just as much out of it as she does. The word exploited therefore wouldn't apply."

As for a partner’s physique, Schwarzenegger explained that some extra padding was not a dealbreaker. “I can look at a chick who's a little out of shape and if she turns me on, I won't hesitate to date her,” he said. “If she's a good fuck, she can weigh 150 pounds, I don't care."

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It was an educated guess. What is corrective underwear? And yes, the fact that you used the @ symbol to represent the word about did make me laugh.
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