Confronting Nasty Stereotypes One Sign At A Time In Cordova, Alabama

Recovering from tornadoes that touched down in their city last month, residents of Cordova, Alabama are angry that Mayor Jack Scott has cited a local ordinance barring single wide mobile homes to be set up as temporary housing.

To show their displeasure with Scott’s trailer position--which some believe is rooted in economic discrimination--opponents have protested at public forums. As seen above, some have even brought along signs.

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I don't think so sparky, you're just too lazy to make corrections. So..... is that the sound you make when you get sugar-britches off?
You'd think a trailer would be the last thing you'd want to live in, in tornado alley. Better than a tent, though. Hey, aren't the city officials working in trailers, now?
I live the next county over from Cordova so we've heard about this on the news. The wonderful mayor of this TINY little country town doesn't want single wide trailers because it will LOWER PROPERTY VALUES. Never mind the town is rubble, most everyone that lives there are living in TENTS right now, and most of the debris is still on the side of the roads. Those don't hurt the property values apparently. Cordova looks like an old tent city from the Depression Era right now and the mayor won't even temporarily repeal that stupid law so children can get out of sleeping bags and into a bed. Hope he enjoyed his term. He sure won't get re-elected.
a trailer is better than a pile of broken glass eh gov?
What is wrong with these so-called elected officials??? Mayor Scott needs to be recalled. Democracy works under "we the people" and not "he/she" the big boss!!!
Tell that to Obama's government.
What in the hell does the ignorance and bigotry of this so-called mayor have to do with POTUS??? Pull your head out of your a$$...these people are suffering and this is no time for racial bigotry...
Oh well, at least she got the 'trash' part right
Hey Joe, when your home is destroyed by violent storms and you and your family have no place to go and are sleeping on the ground in a tent ....... then you can make all the fun of others that you want. Until then, SHUT THE HELL UP. You moronic cretin. But thank you for showing the rest of us the caliber of your intelligence. Rather dull and well below the accepted average quotient level, for sure.
Indeed. I have always considered trash, those Americans who pretend to care about the poor, while spewing condescending drivel and mocking those who have less. You must be very proud. Let me guess, you have a "Change We Can Believe In" sticker on the bumper of the car daddy bought you?