Confronting Nasty Stereotypes One Sign At A Time In Cordova, Alabama

Recovering from tornadoes that touched down in their city last month, residents of Cordova, Alabama are angry that Mayor Jack Scott has cited a local ordinance barring single wide mobile homes to be set up as temporary housing.

To show their displeasure with Scott’s trailer position--which some believe is rooted in economic discrimination--opponents have protested at public forums. As seen above, some have even brought along signs.

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I was a Paramedic in the County where Cordova is,,little wide spot in the road.No need to make your citizens suffer after such a disaster,,& ones who don`t earn enough for 100000.00 houses,to boot.But that`s Alabama for you...Leave your common sense @ the state line,& never regain it ,till you move to another state......................
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