Confronting Nasty Stereotypes One Sign At A Time In Cordova, Alabama

Recovering from tornadoes that touched down in their city last month, residents of Cordova, Alabama are angry that Mayor Jack Scott has cited a local ordinance barring single wide mobile homes to be set up as temporary housing.

To show their displeasure with Scott’s trailer position--which some believe is rooted in economic discrimination--opponents have protested at public forums. As seen above, some have even brought along signs.

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As a Katrina survivor, I can tell you that people here were thrilled to have a FEMA trailer, just to have some sort of normalcy to their lives. On the 5th year after Katrina, the govenment called for all FEMA trailers to be given up. But, let me tell y'all something. It took some people down here nearly that long to get their ins. co.'s to pay. They had no place else to go, but had to relinquish the trailers. There were very very few rentals available, and the ones that were got stupid prices for rent, because they knew they could. Mayor Scott needs to be tossed out of office on his a$$! You can believe if they drove up with a FEMA trailer for me, I'd take it, and hook it up in his front yard! I don't care if it is a law, or city ordinance or whatever, I'd have one come hell or high water!
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