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So nice to see you.
Kinda looks like the kid from "Mask"
When Danny Bonaduce quit taking Steroids!
Who me!
If JCVD finds you, he will kick your damn cyborg ass.
If you tilt your head and stare at his right eye, it looks like a vagina...but then again, what doesn't?
What kind of vaginas you been lookin at? If they that ugly close your eyes and dive in.
I should see the other guy? Dude! I am the other guy!!!
Wanted: corneal donor. Prefer voluntary but will consider non-willing donors.
huh what! whatcha say , Yep that's what I thought!
"I'm a gonna tell you one thang, Matthewww. The Doc and I are going down to the Longbranch and we are gonna have Miss Kitty serve us an ice cold beer, so don't go a stoppin us either."