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Happy trails to you until we meet again.
Looks like his chin is giving everyone the finger...ok, maybe you have to stare at it awhile...and take a hit...then look at it. Am I right?
wife told me to say I tripped. I deserved it....I mean , errr...I am a clumsy one.
Why the right eye? Is it because they're mostly rights and with that side out a bit, lead with the right sort of. I can only do a few a day, they're painful to look at. I'm in Canada a their is a RCMP caught on camera giving a guy, who is down, a boot to the head...So could be be that too.
Purple - it's the new black!
"I'd rather fight than switch."
Oh, yeah, well, you should see the OTHER guy.........
Oh, wait! I am the other guy!!