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Mug Shot Sexy Time

Say hello to our little friends who were recently arrested

mug shot roundup

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Mug Shot Sexy Time

.APRIL 9--The Floridian who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup not only uses her belly to pronounce her ample sexiness, but she also wears fetching 'Scarface' underwear. The 27-year-old was collared Saturday on a probation violation rap.

As for the remaining suspects, a few notes: 1) With some time in a tanning bed, the 25-year-old roofer on page #6 could be 'Jersey Shore' material; 2) The 27-year-old gent with the 'Rage' lip ink on page #10 gave his occupation as 'tattoos/trees' when nabbed Monday for driving with a suspended license; 3) Busted Sunday for assaulting a family member (and resisting arrest), the Texan, 49, on page #11 may get the opportunity to fulfill his t-shirt's prophecy; and 4) The online outfit advertised on the shirt worn by the 51-year-old perp on page #16 (who was popped Monday on an open container charge) describes itself as a 'true gay twink and straight college man website.' (16 pages)