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Caught With Stash

Suspect busted on pot charge shows cops hidden 'stache

mug shot roundup

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Caught With A Stash

JULY 2--After his bust Saturday for pot possession, the 22-year-old Floridian who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup had his tattoos photographed by cops (for identification purposes). Which gave him the opportunity to strike a rather grating pose.

As for the other suspects, some notes: 1) Collared Saturday on a fraud rap, the 39-year-old gent on page #3 had to show off his unfortunate tramp stamp (which is, fortunately, obscured a bit by his lower back carpeting); 2) It is unclear whether the 18-year-old Kentuckian on page #7--who was popped Wednesday for shoplifting--was aware that her booking session was being photobombed by the character on the wall; 3) The 53-year-old Donkey Kong fan on page #10 was arrested Tuesday in Texas on a drug charge; and 4) The battered knee on page #13 is that of a Florida telemarketer who was busted Monday on a probation violation count. (13 pages)