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Flier Blames Tabasco Spill For Lewd Act

Cops: Man exposed self to girl, 17, on SkyWest flight


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Tabasco Exposure

DECEMBER 30--Meet Rafael Escamilla.

Arrested this week for allegedly masturbating while seated next to a teenage girl on an airplane flight, the 50-year-old suspect told police that he was actually massaging and itching himself because he had spilled Tabasco sauce on his penis.

Escamilla’s unique explanation for his alleged indecent exposure is contained in police reports detailing the December 26 incident on a SkyWest Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Lewiston, Idaho. Escamilla, a Florida resident, was in Idaho visiting family.

The girl, a high school cheerleader who just turned 17, told cops that she was seated directly next to Escamilla, and had chatted briefly with him at the trip’s outset. Mid-flight, as she looked at prom dresses in Seventeen magazine, the teenager spotted something moving “out of my corner of my eye.”

In a handwritten statement, the girl recalled, “I looked over and I could clearly see the man’s penis going side to side under the tray table that was down.” Escamilla, she added, had one hand on his laptop (which was atop the tray table) and the other “under the tray table.” Escamilla is pictured in the above mug shot.

After waiting two to three minutes, the girl--who was traveling alone on the flight--got up to go to the bathroom. When she emerged, the teen sat next to a woman seated at the back of the plane, and told the woman that, “the guy that she was sitting with creeped her out.”

Upon arrival at Nez Perce County Regional Airport, the girl, upset and crying, told her father about what had transpired on the flight. The man contacted a Transportation Security Administration supervisor, who in turn summoned Lewiston Police Department officers.

When confronted by cops, Escamilla denied exposing himself. “I wasn’t out, I wasn’t hanging out,” he claimed. As reported by Officer Chris Reese, Escamilla “explained to me that he had spilled Tabasco sauce or something similar on his ‘penis’ and had an incredible itch.” He was rubbing his groin, Escamilla explained, “because it was the worst ‘itch in the world.’” Escamilla said he tried to be discreet by covering himself with his laptop, but that the girl must have “suspected something.”

During further questioning, Escamilla changed his Tabasco story, claiming that it “might” be from his breakfast that morning “as he did have Tabasco sauce with his eggs.” Asked why he did not just go to the bathroom to “take care of this problem,” Escamilla told Reese that he “didn’t feel that it would help.”

Reese noted that Escamilla used the words “rub” and “massage” to describe how he addressed the “incredible itch.” The cop reported that, “while I was speaking with [Escamilla], he never showed any obvious signs that he had an itch in this particular part of his body.”

Escamilla was then handcuffed and transported to the county jail, where the above mug shot was snapped. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of indecent exposure, and a District Court hearing was set for January 18.

According to an online biography, Escamilla is an accomplished physical therapist who holds a Ph.D. and has worked as a professor at Duke University and California State University. Escamilla currently works as research director at the Florida orthopedics and sports medicine institute founded by Dr. James Andrews, the noted surgeon whose clientele has included Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley, Jack Nicklaus, Roger Clemens, and Drew Brees. (6 pages)

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As a follow-up to this story..... the girl has since decided not to pursue the case and charges have been dropped. HOWEVER, on her word alone, he remains suspended from his research position, his reputation and life have been destroyed and she has moved on anonymously with her life.
I agree with some posters that this young wench was dressed with smooth thighs, and little tities peeking out, and all this dude could think of was her few curly hairs and a little pink meat under those smelly white panties. He should have shot the whole load right in her pretty little face.
Wow, It's all in the family...a Visine poisioner, a yogurt maker and a Tabasco yanker. This website needs to move on to another family.
If she had been on the ball she would have offered to give him a hand.
Quite frankly I hope this isn't true. He is a successful and highly respected professional in his peek earning years. On the other hand, this is a pretty twisted society we live in and although we may feel a ton of outrage that this young flower of womanhood may have been traumatized by the site of his weenie... let's be honest, 17 year old girls these days have been around the block a few times and could give a middle aged married woman some tips.
Way to stay classy, Redrover. Nothing like assuming that all teenage girls are as perverted and twisted as you.
Go back to your speak and spell sparky, I didn't say that 17 year old girls were perverted and twisted. I said they are quite worldly. Do try to keep up.
Just a heads-up.... the marker teacher you were all hot and bothered about has been completely exonerated and supported all the way up the food chain. Just thought you'd like to know.
I am so glad that the hispanic punk gangmember is going to go to jail. I hope he spends at least 5 years in prison for not surrendering the magic marker to the teacher when she asked for it. She was preventing him from drawing graffiti on the desk. She should be given an award for her actions. If more teachers stood up to students like this we would have less teachers being killed in our schools each year. I only hope that the gangmember doesn't have his "homeboys" seek revenge on this great teacher.
BTW, it's "fewer" not "less". Maybe you should have paid attention in school yourself. Then you wouldn't write like a semi-literate 6th grade student. You might also review the uses of paragraphs, too.
I'm glad to see that you have finally manned up and seen the light. Have a blessed day.
If she really felt like she was in danger, then she could have used a dispassion technique by blowing a loud smelly fart and then blaming him for it. If he was from Wisconsin, then politely offered her panties in compensation.
Sexual liberation is nothing more than an excuse to treat a very powerful and sophisticated force in a childish, undisciplined manner. Look at what it does to men. Did ya see the Smoking Gun documents where the guy spent 3 years filming himself masturbating in various public places in his town? Humping telephone poles and even the sidewalk. What delusions of porn grandeur were going on in his head?? Or the Teacher's assistant that walked in a Wal Mart and relieved himself of his tadpoles in the Children's toy section. Or the college student from Wisconsin that stole hundreds of pairs of panties from women's residences. It's a powerful force, much like the Force in the Star Wars movies where there is a darkside and a lightside. Because of western male ignorance of sex drive/energy , we have zillions of Darth Vadars running around filling up our prisons and grossing out retail store janitors. The Rabbit Hole goes pretty deep with the sex drive. Sadly, most men only know one thing to with it, and searching for Emeralds isn't one them. I would love to have read Julian Lee's 11 steps to sexual self control rather than Masters and Johnson when I was a kid. To have seen Dr. Ruth for the skank toad that she really is.
These charges will never "stand up" in court...
Too bad for him he did this after 911 when everybody got so sensitive. Thanks a lot Bin Laden!
There are two sides to every story.
Someone down-thread made a very good point. This is entirely a he-said/she-said situation. Something that really ought to be a sobering thought for every male on this thread, is that IF ANY female, EVER, makes any accusation regarding you and your penis, no matter how ludicrous...... the cops will kick your front door down, seize your computers, drag you away in front of your family and put your picture in the newspaper. Then ask questions.
I would be beyond surprised to learn that the young girl thought the situation remedied when she changed seats and that she will now think twice about what she tells her reactionary, over protective father in passing but the part of my brain that does my smart, as opposed to wishful, thinking tells me that she's like the majority of 17 year olds that I see out in public: A self absorbed perpetual victim. You have no idea how much it broke my heart to type that but you are spot on with your comment. Be careful out there, my dear sweet boys. My "sisters" have made you the enemy and I was powerless to stop them. To make restitution I promise to wink at you if you ever smile at me as we pass on the street, but we must do it covertly or it will cause those around us to react like that scene in Scanners multiplied by infinity. Sparky! I may have a replacement for, "Here Fido, Here Fido, fetch the slippers. Arf! Arf! Arf! (Yes, I shamelessly stole this gem, too.)
Redrover why haven't you used your favorite word "Obtuse" yet. I liked it better when Andy Dufrane used it in Shawshank Redemption. And don't forget to call me Sparky.
LOL! It's not that it's my favorite word sparky, it's that you hear it often. Now run along.
Ever watch the King of Hill episodes? a great truth sometimes comes out of the Dale character (my favorite by the way) about the sexual energy. He knows it is truly a life force not to be friviously wasted. Mainstream entertainment is good about making jokes out of truth usually by creating strawmen to be the bearers of it. Not only do they want you to blow all your money on worthless materal junk (usually made in China ) but they want you to waste the greatest resevoir (sex energy) of occultic/psychic/spiritual as well as physical ENERGY available to all normal men that can be used to empower themselves and even to experience greater, more sophisticated states of bliss, that far surpasses crude, rude, primitive sex acts. don't let Kleenex nor unworthy women steal it from ya!!! Keep it in and Foil the Beast/illuminati/reptillians/etc, etc.
YOU will refer to him as Rusty Shackleford in any and all future online activities.
This doesn't make any *** sense you idiot.
He's talking about his precious bodily fluids. Haven't you ever seen "Dr. Strangelove?"
I know Dr. Escamilla personally and professionally. He is a good man with a lovely family and has worked with students for 30 years without complaint. Remember that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. I urge you to wait for all the facts before you condemn someone.
I had time to kill before work one day so I decided to clean the kitchen sink. Not wanting to accidently bleach my clothes I stripped down and did the job in my knickers. When I got to work later I was overcome with the most horrific burning sensation on my right thigh. Investigation revealed that I had a chemical burn from not rinsing off some cleaning compound that I hadn't realized had splashed on me. As someone who often cooks breakfast beautifully bare, Dr. Escamilla's story sounds completely plausable, to me.
Wow! A voice of reason! Thank you.
Good comment.
Masturbating is like taking gold and platinum coins out of the pocket and splunging them into an imaginary hooker's septic tank. I threw away a couple of hundred bucks worth of fleshlights and personal lubricants- It felt like I had come into the inheritance of Bill Gates because of the great treasures I knew would almost immediately begin to build up and even earn interests in my personal savings account. ...Well the garbage collectors showed up earlier than usual and after the tears, I chaulked up their early arrival as help from the Diety. It was an enormous first step and I've since come a long ways from that wonderful first day the Fed Express man arrived with those special boxes. OH, I was saving for the Holy Grail of male sex toys (RealDoll) but luckily celibacydotinfo cut me short of my plans. Remember, don't give all those scantily clad whorely dressed chics out there your time of day, make them earn your attention by dressing modestly and behaving ladylike. It's ALOT of fun doing that to them by the way. OH, and if they dress like men.
I love how you jack*sses think you're allowed to whip it out if a woman is too good-looking and she should just shut up about it because it's what she "deserves" for being too hot. What I wish on all of you is to have baby daughters that grow up into beautiful woman. Then maybe you'll have the common sense to know then that this is wrong when you see what they go through with perverts like this. If someone did that to my underage child they'd be short one penis afterward.
yvonne, here, is a good example of the self obsessed perpetual victim type female that I mentioned in another comment. Just in case any of you needed a pont of reference (Though I doubt it.) Please shut up yvonne. I'm sick of men confusing me with you just because we both have tits.
@yvonne - As a woman I find your belief that the "jack*sses" feel entitled to do this because the girls are "too good-looking" and "too hot" to be insulting, uninformed, and delusional. The guys who commit these offensive acts are messed up sociopaths who need to learn that their behavior isn't acceptable. But your "don't hate me just because I'm beautiful" shtick is alarming and sets women back about 60 years. Is it okay for "ugly" girls to be harassed? Does an ugly daughter deserve less love and protection from her parents? And, most importantly, does it help you get through the day imagining that any problem someone has with you is because they are jealous or turned on by your "beauty"? I've known maybe three women in my whole life with that sort of arrogance, and they were all vain and vapid Cosmo girls whose belief in their inherent beauty was only matched by how truly ugly they were on the inside.
The man was a fool, he should have covered up with a blanket before bringing Mr. Winkie out. I masturbate on planes all the time. I am the president of the Solo Flyers Mile High Club. He should have blasted a hot load of baby badder on her and she might have chilled out.
I think it's hilarious the pervy prick got nabbed jacking off at an underaged girl. And he was a respected man, professor and such; this incident will probably get him snickered at in his private and professional life forever. And will never use Tabasco sauce in a public place for the rest of his life. Haha! I'm assuming the several of you on here encouraging the man to assault a minor on an airplane are stupid kids. If not... wow.
I will suppose that by all the off the cuff comments that have been made that someone thinks this crap is funny, right?'s that very blase attitude that enables this perversion to take place to begin with! The solution for this kind of deviant behavior should be swift and nonnegotiable! He should have his pee pee whacked in public until it won't heal straight enough to be used for anything but a way to piss!
I remember my dad telling me about his fellow soldiers in post WWII Paris coming down with "Zee Bugs". Perhaps this is what was troubling this poor fellow. Or maybe he was coming up with some form of renewable energy. Theodore (Ted) Sumrall
It could be worse. It could be some woman public school teacher seducing a ten year boy or girl. I'm sure nurses in the nursing home see that kinda stuff all the time. He's unwittingly conditioning her to not be so shocked when or if she goes in the medical field and works in geriactrics in just a mere couple of years into her future.
For those that want to bash him for being "yet" another pervo liberal professor well, uhm, remember Jim Baker of PTL fame? Does the name Jessica Hahn send up red tarts in your minds? How's about Jimmy Swaggert? The girl is clearly at fault for being 17 (perfect age for breeding, I mean it's healthier and more natural than waiting till 40) and tantalizing the poor victim with a near pornographic magazine like Seventeen. He needs to visit WWW.CELIBACY.INFO and remember Julian Lee's sage advice: "KEEP IT IN AND FOIL THE BEAST!!!" I went to Navy bootcamp a couple of months after turning 17 and enjoyed adult women completely exposing themselves to me at a strip club in San Diego during my first ever liberty call.
walter shapilro,, you need to be locked up . you sick pervert. they need to cut your tiny package off. and feed it to you.
they're spending billions of Federal IOU's in eradicating animals (Taliban) in Afghanistan who think as violently as YOU DO !!! oh If it ain't enuff to do the trick then adopt a horse or somethins!!! and why do women fake orgasms? cause they think men still care!!
Dude, you have problems. Most of what you say is rubbish and I have a hard time believing you've ever been laid.
Speaking of the American school system, how can a professional reporter write "itching himself" instead of the correct "scratching himself"? I'm seeing more and more horrendous grammar from both print and TV reporters these days.
I put that shiat on everything.....
I have said it before and I'll say it again. The American public shool system is graduating morons out of high school. Just look at some of the letters and you see the musings of a bunch of morons. Most of them couldn't fill out a job application without help. Not only are they illiterate, but their mental processes show little if any intelligence in judging why this sex pervert on the plane doesn't or does belong in jail. God help our country. The Chinese and any other enemy of the US is laughing their butts off at our education system and the idiots it produces.
Right. So, how was public school? A person graduates FROM school; a school does not graduate a person. Just a thought.
shool system? You Harvard brainiac, me public shool gradyou8...
Why is "Mr. Itchy" smiling? I suppose the TSA agent who patted him down had just finished a lunch of tacos.
What's the problem, Escamilla was just on his way to a TSA Screener job interview and was getting in some practice on the way. Escamilla was overheard a few minutes prior asking the girl "little girl, would you like to play TSA, you the unsuspecting traveler, and me the old pedophile TSA screener?"
I'm not going to ask how he managed to end up with tabasco sauce "down there." But if a person is going to pull something like that (no pun intended) on a flight, wouldn't common sense dictate that he ask for a blanket and, if possible, move next to an unoccupied seat? Now he'll end up on his state's list of convicted perverts forever for something that may have been no more than a really dumb mistake.