Female Flasher Gets Busted For Exposing Self Outside Ohio Jail

Meet Andrea Musser.

The 19-year-old Ohio woman was arrested Tuesday night for exposing her breasts outside a jail she had just exited following a visit with a male inmate.

Jail personnel observed Musser waving and calling up to someone inside the Erie County lockup. She then lifted up her shirt and exposed her breasts, presumably for the benefit of her 19-year-old incarcerated friend (and perhaps some of his fellow inmates).

Click here for a NSFW surveillance video still capturing Musser mid-flash.

Musser was nabbed outside the jail’s fenced perimeter. She pleaded guilty yesterday to public indecency and received a 10-day suspended jail sentence. She was also fined $223.

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I agree partly..no i think you are kind of a bigot towards others that do not share your views but I agree with the Breasts are not a sexual object so men should not get in trouble for oogling them or making lewd comments about them or if they o a titty pinch..hey they are non sexual when you want them to be ie as in exposing them for fun!!..You are not supposed to have things both ways but the hypocrites in the world like you always do!!! The p[enis is for peeing too and is natural to pee but let a guy pee in the bushes even and they will try and get him with a sex crime...So it should be the same for women that show breasts..Either both can do it or neither!!! How can u convict a guy that needs to relieve himself ,trying to hide it in a bush or behind a tree or something and then let a girl flash her boobs and say nothing about it? That's extremely bigoted and racist cause it just sounds more offensive =p and totally hypocritical and prejudice towards men!! So if a guy whipped out his penile projection just for entertainment sake and went woohoo flashing some girls you would have no Problem with that? Some girls would think it was funny and be entertained but you being YOU as judgemental as you are would be offended i am sure and call the cops on him...HOW SAD you show your true colors and level of discrimination towards anything and anyone that doesn't fit in your neat judgemental liberal world!!!!!
She looks like they're probably molehills anyway.
Female breasts exposure can have a very hazardous effect to the traveling public. One single female exposing her breast along a busy street or busy highway will cause every male driver to fill their eyes with lust, take their eyes off the road, and could cause a dangerous pile-up of mangled cars and bulging eyeballs.
We will just have to live with that risk.
Ah, TSG, always keeping us abreast of the latest developments in the judicial process.
The fact that a woman lifting up her shirt outside a jail is a criminal offense is very, very sad and pathetic.
It sure is. This country has lost its way, on many levels.
I demand a copy of the surveillance video be shown here on The Smoking Gun!
She was trying to give a thrill to her incarcerated boyfriend, very cool. The fact she got caught, unfortunate. The suspended sentence, cool. The fine, livable. The ruling judge, firm yet fair. Oh and understanding....lol
And the evidence, firm yet perky!