Busted Michigan "Sex Toy Bandits" Make Crowdfunding Pitch For Wedding Funds

Unbowed by their recent arrest, Michigan’s “sex toy bandits” sought to cash in on their notoriety with a crowdfunding appeal that described the duo as “real people with real problems.”

In a Facebook post Saturday reporting that “the sex toy bandits out,” William Cornelius asked if “anyone know how i can make money off this.” The 25-year-old then noted that he was “trying to get this wedding popping,” adding--apparently facetiously--that the nuptials “gonna be at the dollar tree.”

Last week, Cornelius proposed to Sheri Moore, 20, over the loudspeaker at a Walmart in Bay City, Michigan, where the couple resides. Minutes later, Cornelius was arrested for stealing a vibrator, an edible thong, and other sex toys from a Spencer’s gift shop. Cornelius reportedly told police the items were for his fiancée (who was collared for stealing jewelry from Walmart).

About an hour after his original Facebook message, Cornelius posted a link to a GoFundMe page soliciting “Wedding funds.” The page--which included “corneliusbandits” in its url--sought a maximum of $10,000 and appeared to have been authored by Moore.

The pitch, in its entirety, read: “Yes we are the sex toy bandits, we are real people with real problems. We need help raising money for our wedding because I am currently pregnant and homeless we do not want our baby born out of wedlock. Anything will help thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you in advance for the help.”

It is unclear whether the fundraising bid yielded any cash since the GoFundMe page has been deleted. But a screen grab of the page taken seven hours after the appeal was launched showed no donations to the couple, who are pictured at left.

The GoFundMe pitch was criticized by Cornelius’s family members, one of whom wrote, “Really Billy? Why not get a job like everyone else does?” and “R U serious???” Another relative commented, “I'm sorry to say this to u B. But u disappoint me !! I love you n that's y I'm so fkn disgusted!!! It's NOT funny at all!!!!”