In Ben Affleck Homage, Armed Robbers Dressed As Nuns Hold Up Illinois Bank

Taking a cue from the recent film “The Town,” a pair of robbers dressed in nun costumes held up a Chicago-area bank Sunday afternoon, according to the FBI.

The robbery of the TCF Bank in Palos Heights was captured in a series of remarkable surveillance camera images showing the duo brandishing firearms as they forced a female employee to remove money from a vault and place it into a Nike duffel bag.

Investigators, who have not disclosed how much money was stolen, said the robbers fled in a silver, four-door Chevrolet. Police described one suspect as a black man, about 5’ 7” tall. His accomplice is believed to be a black woman, about 5’ 5” tall.

Directed by Ben Affleck, “The Town” focuses on four friends from Charlestown, Massachusetts, which the 2010 film describes as “the bank robbery capital of America.” Here's a clip of the cinematic nuns in action.

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suspects black, thats soo funny how could they tell - by the second picture how he's holdin his "gat" that looks like a white arm, they weren't dressed like Ms Butterworth
How orginal of the robbers...NOT. Just life imitating art, again. Anyone would know they weren't real nuns because they were brandishing guns and not rulers.