Accused Meth Dealer Faces Loss Of His Beloved 18,753 Comic Books

A large-scale methamphetamine dealer who allegedly laundered drug profits by purchasing valuable comic books is in danger of forfeiting his 18,753-volume collection to Uncle Sam, according to a new court filing.

Federal prosecutors yesterday filed a U.S. District Court complaint seeking ownership of the comic book holdings of Aaron Castro, 30, who is facing a May trial in Colorado on narcotics distribution and weapons charges. The comics are valued in excess of $500,000.

The forfeiture complaint recounts a government interview with Lonna Gwinn, who said she sold meth for Castro, who is pictured above. “Gwinn said that Aaron began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books.” Gwinn added that she would meet Castro “at comic book stores to give him the drug money and had seen Aaron buy a box of comic books.”

A second admitted dealer told investigators that he helped Castro organize his comic books, “which he confirmed were purchased by Aaron with drug proceeds.”

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The government really does not have the power to take the property of a person who has not been convicted of any crime. What government does is sue the property and as the property is not human it can't defend it's self, so the government wins the suit and steals the property. I know this sounds crazy to any one the can actually boast a double digit iq or better, but thats what happens. This is not something rare, it happens every in the USA. Why does it happen? The people are not interested in what the government does, as long as it does not affect them, and they are not willing expend the effort required to watch the people that they elect. Also and most importantly, the police get to keep a large portion of, if not all of the money received from these thefts. The people of this country have been fed all sorts of propaganda about the "war on drugs", and they have bought it hook, line, and sinker. As a result we have local police forces, that resemble military units, plundering intimidating, and killing. The war on drugs has done more damage to our nation than the drugs we wage war on,
Stupid cops, surely they can find more important things to do? www.total-privacy.ie.tc
I know America is a litigious society but damn-- "United States of America Plaintiff v. 18,753 Comic Books" Yes, in America, you can sue comic books.
What I like about this new comic book hero is that he has one eye half one and the other wide open.
The Adventures of METHMAN!!!
He's also going to lose that one in a million high fashion barber who cut his hair when he goes to jail..
Start reading... FAST !!!
WORST forfeiture EVER!