Man Arrested After Waffle House Tirade Over Eatery's Lack Of Barbecue Sauce

“I’ll go to fucking jail over some barbecue sauce!”

That is what Willie Edward Drake, 43, yelled during a tirade last week inside a Waffle House in Georgia after being informed by a employee that the restaurant did not offer his favorite tangy condiment.

According to a Bibb County Sheriff's Office report, Drake sat down at the Macon eatery’s counter early Tuesday morning and ordered food. Drake subsequently asked for some barbecue sauce.

The Waffle House, however, does not stock barbecue sauce, a revelation that allegedly caused Drake to begin “screaming obscenities and insulting” workers. Drake’s unhinged behavior “caused the employees and customers to fear for their safety,” cops reported.

Officers responding to a 911 call about a disturbance at the Waffle House (seen below) described Drake as “uncooperative and disorderly.” Pictured above, Drake was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Drake, who gave his address as a hotel near Waffle House, spent several days in the county jail before his release on $390 bond. He is scheduled for a March 1 appearance in Municipal Court.