Texan, 45, Arrested For Sneaking Into Dallas Arena With Fake “All Access” Jay Z Tour Pass

Meet John Henry Johnson.

The 45-year-old Texan was arrested Saturday evening after allegedly using a counterfeit “all access world tour pass” to gain entry to a Dallas arena hosting a Jay Z concert, police report.

Johnson was spotted in a “secured area” at the American Airlines Center around 6 PM, 25 minutes before the venue’s doors were open to the public, according to a Dallas Police Department report. He had gotten past a security guard by claiming to be “Gian Carlo Donatelli,” a purported executive with the Italian division of Universal Music Group, Jay Z’s record label.

When confronted by the arena’s security manager, Johnson claimed to have been employed by Universal for 20 years. But an examination of the “Magna Carter” tour pass revealed it to be fake, leading to Johnson’s arrest for criminal trespass and providing false ID.

After spending a night in jail, Johnson was released from custody yesterday after posting $1000 bond on the misdemeanor counts. The cheapest ticket to Jay Z’s show Saturday was $32.50.