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Brooks & Dunn

For Brooks & Dunn it's all about the music--and, of course, the Coors Light. Since the Colorado brewer has made a "substantial commitment" to the country duo, they get a sweet return on their investment. In addition to a VIP party and the chance to buy 150 prime tickets (in the first 20-25 rows), Coors gets 100 premium seats comped. You will not, however, see the Coors logo plastered on the 62-foot hot air balloon that floats over outdoor venues.

And proving that they're still regular folks, Brooks & Dunn cool off onstage with that most proletarian of refreshments, Evian water. (8 pages)

Random Demands

One (1) Snooker Table

For The Rolling Stones, nothing screams backstage debauchery more than snooker.

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