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Sex Pistols rider

This Sex Pistols concert rider was drafted weeks before the punk band made its U.S. debut in Atlanta, Georgia in January 1978.

The Pistols had minimal technical requirements (and skills) and asked promoters to cover the cost of only four security personnel.

As for the group’s dressing room demands, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, and the other two guys noted that they would “kindly appreciate” the provision of “cold beer, a platter of meat, cheese and fruit and various juices” prior to a show, as well as “towels for the stage.”

The Sex Pistols broke up following the brief, disastrous 1978 American tour. In October of that year, Vicious (real name: John Simon Ritchie) was arrested for allegedly stabbing to death his 20-year-old girlfriend inside a room at New York City’s Chelsea Hotel.

Before he could be tried for the murder of Nancy Spungen, Vicious, 21, died of a drug overdose in February 1979.

The group’s tour manager, Noel Monk, became the manager of Van Halen following the Sex Pistols's demise.

Random Demands

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