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Jason Mraz

Regarding the catering demands on his 2009 tour rider, singer Jason Mraz explains that the required items "make the crew happy people and make the band rock you like a hurricane." He adds, "Silly items like gum make a difference to these boys who are far from their families and friends." Mraz, whose touring company is Mraz Discount Janitorial Services, Ltd., also includes a handy list of acceptable fruits, vegetables, and nuts in his rider, since he tours with a couple of vegetarians. (2 pages)

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Vegan, huh? As if I needed another reason to despise Jason Mraz.
Jason Mraz is a raw foodist vegan. The raw foods are for him (and one other person).

Random Demands


One (1) X-Rated Lesbian Magazine

An "X-rated lesbian themed magazine" was on Blink-182's backstage reading list.

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